How (Not!) To Write Your Online Dating Profile

You've only got seconds to make a first impression and nailing your profile is essential for successful online dating. Here we provide tips and advice how to create a standout profile and examples of common profile mistakes and how you can avoid them. 

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Profile Photo

Pictures are part of your first impression; so don’t give your matches a reason to pass you over. This girl's primary photo (which  appears in your matches search results) is  taken too far away and it doesn't 'pop' from the screen with her choice of clothing and colouring. She has missed a crucial opportunity to show off her best assets. 


Why work so hard on your profile, only to become an unoriginal Rach1979?  Get creative with a name that evokes positive association, is unique and easy to remember.


You may be a “happy gal” but don’t waste valuable profile space on a boring headline. Your headline is one extra opportunity to let your personality shine and attract the attention of a potential match. 


Whilst this profile projects positivity, it is filled to the brim with generic adjectives such as outgoing, funny and adventurous.  Avoid overused phrases clichés and inject your personality and sense of style into your profile write-up. For example, get specific about the type of travelling you do. People act on a dating profile when they can see themselves as part of your story. 

Avoid negative statements (and in capitals LIKE YOU ARE YELLING) such as “guys game players need not apply” will scream bitter ex whose not over their past relationships and full of unwanted baggage.

Lastly you should do a spell check on your profile! There are spelling mistakes and short-hand abbreviations in this profile which only detract from the message. People will see the mistake, rather than what you have written. 

Need Help Writing Your Profile?

Even after googling everything you need to know about the most 'desirable' profile, it can still be hard to write about yourself. Should you be funny? Charming? Intellectual? Does it reflect who you really are and what you want in a partner, or does it read like a cheesy personal from the 80's? Should you be completely honest or try to position yourself so you sound a little better?  Well let us do the hard work for you…

Our job is to market your number one product - YOU! 

At eDateMate we offer a personalised online dating profile writing service. We will write your profile from scratch or critique your existing profile with tangible advice for improvement. We will help you select your very best profile photos and create a catchy headline and username to hook your matches interest.  A one-stop-shop for your online dating ventures.  It's our job to make you standout from the crowd and attract your ideal match. Whether you're new to online dating or haven't had much luck,  we have packages to suit all your needs.