Why Online Dating is like looking for your Dream Job

Online dating is no different to looking for your dream job and here's why...

Online dating is no different to looking for your dream job. Modern day dating must include a proactive approach and old dating rules tossed out the window.  eDateMate Australia.

Both represent you to a world full of strangers who will decide on whether to call you in for an interview - your first date.  

Your CV (profile) will make or break your chances. Profiles consist of a series of photos and a description about you.

During your JOB SEARCH (online dating search) you will checkout multiple job vacancies (profiles) to see if there is a fit for your character and skill.

Your COVER LETTER (first email message) is a teaser that lets someone know you’re serious about getting the job.

If you catch the attention of a COMPANY (potential match) they will go on to read your CV (profile).

Your INTERVIEW (first date) is used by both sides to decide whether it’s worth starting a working (personal) relationship with each other

Why Would I Pay For A Professional Service to Help Me?

Nailing your profile is essential. Think of it this way. If two people applied for the same job, and one person has a resume filled with experience, detailing the many reasons they'd be right for the job, and another person has a resume which reads unoriginal and looks like it was written in five minutes, who do you think will get noticed?  Of course, you wouldn't even get in the door with a poorly presented resume.

You can write the profile yourself or use our personalised service to write it for you, but the important thing is you give it the attention it deserves.   

If falling in love is as important to you as finding your ideal job, it's only logical to take the time to make dating profile the best it can be. And if you play to win you'll be one click closer to finding your ideal match.