Natalie Jane founder of eDateMate Australia. Online dating profile writing and coaching, online dating advice, online dating tips.  For the best and most popular Australian dating sites RSVP, eHarmony, Ok Cupid and Oasis Active.

Six years ago I embarked on the world of online dating, a world where you need to keep your virtual wits about you. Attempting to craft up a captivating and cliché-free profile as a 'divorced single mum' was frustrating and hard work...but that was only the beginning.

Navigating through the multitude of profiles and potential matches, sifting out the players and the riffraff, crafting emails flirtation, figuring out contact strategies and dealing with rejection - it felt like a full time job, but without the pay cheque. We've all been there or heard from our friends how hard it is and I was almost ready to give up. Until one chance message resulted in me meeting the partner of my dreams and having our two beautiful children together.  

For me, the digital dating game was well worth it and I want others to experience this too.  I am incredibly passionate about helping Aussie singles navigate the online dating world and put their best (virtual!) self forward. I have worked with many singles from different backgrounds and professions and one recent client even met her future husband online and they are now happily married! 

Anyone can do it, but not everyone succeeds. You only get one first impression, and it’s essential to get it right. Those who overlook this crucial step and expect to get results are often sorely disappointed.  With a little nudge in the right direction and proven strategies for successful online dating, eDateMate was founded to create a personalised service helping singles navigate the Australian digital dating market.  We strive to give our clients the best chance of turning online dating into offline meeting and finding their true love.

All the best in your online dating ventures!

Natalie Jane

Vulnerability is a scary place, but by putting yourself 'out there' you are giving yourself the best shot in finding that special someone

Vulnerability is a scary place, but by putting yourself 'out there' you are giving yourself the best shot in finding that special someone

Our Mission Statement

"To Get You Noticed & Attract Your Ideal Match"

eDateMate, located in Melbourne, helps Australian singles navigate online dating and to get the 'edge' over their dating competition. As a growing number of Aussies choose to find their potential love matches online, it can be exciting but also has its share of obstacles and challenges. Some people are swamped with attention, yet others are hardly noticed.  

Facing tough competition, our mission is to take the frustration out of online dating, help you to stand out from the crowd and attract your ideal match. Profile writing and online date coaching services are already widely available in the UK, US and Canada and we are excited to offer these services now in Australia. When we want our car fixed we get a mechanic, when we are sick we see a doctor  - why wouldn’t we consult on an issue as big as meeting a potential life partner? Whether you're seeking a relationship with a guy or girl, our team are passionate about creating a personal and successful online dating experience for you.